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Mar 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
reported on here, dennis rodman side by side with north korea's new leader, kim jong-un, brought together by their love of basketball. tonight rodman is back in the u.s., delivering a message from the north korean leader to president obama. he brought that message to george stephanopoulos on abc's "this week." it was not your average round table. here's reena ninan now. >> reporter: he's the cross-dressing nba hall of famer, reality show star, who, after his visit to north korea last week, has now spent more time with leader kim jong-un than any american. >> when you said you love kim and think he's awesome, were you aware of his threats to destroy the united states and his record on human rights? >> one thing about that, you know what, i didn't look at all that. i understand what he's doing. i don't condone that. i hate the fact that he's doing that. but that's a human being, though. >> reporter: rodman also dropped this revelation. on abc's "this week." >> i spent two days with him. he asked me to give obama something, to say one thing. he wants obama to do one thing. call him. >> he wa
Mar 30, 2013 5:30pm PDT
of kim jong-un who rose to power a year ago following his father's death. he finds himself in a power struggle with south korea's first female leader. mr. kim appears to be more of an ex pro vert than his dad. however under his father's watch more south koreans were killed and 19 injured after a shelling incident in 2010. or will he be more like the grandfather he resembles known for his saber rattling and ruling with an iron first. >> can you say anything with certainty about kim jong-un? >> we know he's a leader, a young leader who was recently engaged in provocative talk and provocative action. >> reporter: while u.s. officials don't expert another immediate show of u.s. military force, they are keeping all optioned on the table. david. >> thank you. >>> to paris this evening where a bomb threat created terrifying moments at the famed eiffle tower. this picture snapped at the scene after authorities got an anonymous phone call. they searched with bomb snifg dogs and no bomb wasp found. >>> now so south africa, the icon spending a fourth night in the hospital there rushed because of
Mar 16, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. >>> overseas this evening to the intensifying threat from north korea. the new leader kim jong un and his unexpectedly quick advance have the u.s. on heightened alert. last night we reported on two more short-range missiles. the pentagon is adding to intercepters already in place along the west coast. they are deploying 14 new intercepters in alaska. they are designed to detect a north korean launch with satellites and radars. they would be fired off. i want to bring in martha raddatz tonight. you reported that this system as a whole has had mixed results. >> it has, david. the pentagon says they have confidence in the system, but these ground-based intercepters have a spotty record. in december 2010 after a failed test, the testing was suspended. but in january of this year, there was a successful intercept. >> you and i were talking about the bigger picture, when you hear the u.s. is bolstering its defense along the coast, it sounds like something out of the cold war, how serious is this? >> the u.s. doesn't think north korea is going to launch a missile and is years away from being abl
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3